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A book you’ll actually read: On the NT

October 18, 2008

I just finished one of Mark Driscoll’s mini-books on the New Testament.  I clocked myself at 50 minutes and 13 seconds, a bit under the book’s one hour projection. 

The book does just about all you can in a single hour of study.  It’s definitely a great resource for those early in their faith journey looking for a really high level overview to get started with. 

In classic Driscoll style he drives quickly and forcefully through some issues such as the canonization of Scripture.  I can see some people thinking “what about this, or that”, while others feeling assured by Driscoll’s crisp convictions.  But really, how much depth can you go into with an hour-long read?

I’m placing my bets on this becoming a Mark Driscoll commentary Bible in three years.  It’ll probably be based on the ESV, bounded in camouflage leather, and ship with a knife.

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