Multiplication Center

A Strategic Ministry Opportunity for Senior Pastor Couples

April 4, 2016

“…one of the most important things we can do with our lives is to pour into other pastors. It is not just where you are adding to the church, but you are multiplying ministry as you touch different pastors in this way (retreats) …it may be the most strategic ministry opportunity you’ve ever had.” Scott and Jenni Wilson, Mentor Pastor Couple

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Over 120 Senior Pastor Couples have gathered together in retreats throughout the past 3 ½ years through our Mentor Pastors Network.  The impact of these retreats always seems to be above and beyond what was anticipated, with the theme of “intentional time together” being a catalyst for God moving in the hearts and minds of the Senior Pastor couples.

What is the Mentor Pastors Network?  This program is designed to bring rest, renewal and relationship to Senior Pastor Couples.  We do this by identifying, equipping and training Mentor Pastor Couples who provide an annual retreat based experience for 5-8 Senior Pastor Couples within their network of relationships.  Normally, these Mentor Pastor Couples already have a passion for investing time, energy and relationship into the marriages of senior pastors and our Mentor Pastors Network provides another avenue for their investment with greater impact for the church, community, and Kingdom.

In June, we will gather our Mentor Pastor Couple Alumni, as well as our new group of Mentor Pastor Couples, in Dallas for a time of sharing, equipping, and training.  We only have 4 spots left for our newest group of Mentor Pastor Couples.  If investing in Senior Pastor Couples – their marriage, their ministry, their church, and ultimately the impact on the Kingdom – is something you and your spouse are passionate about, please contact me for an interview.  Together, let’s make 2016 the best year yet for Senior Pastor Couples throughout North America.

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