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May 18, 2016

Last week, we held our fourth meeting of one of our Senior Pastor Next Steps groups.  This group began meeting in September 2014 in Dallas and concluded last week in San Antonio.  These 12 pastors were from churches in 8 different states, representing over 28,000 people in their congregations.  Some had elementary aged children, and others had elementary aged grandchildren.  Large Group Time One thing, though, they all had in common was their desire to continue to lead well as a senior pastor (or lead pastor), not only in how they lead their congregation, but also their staff, community, and family.  Being in this Senior Pastor Next Steps group gave them the advantage of hearing from ministry experts in the latest trends and resources for churches, and connected and encouraged them as they shared their ministry and family journeys.

What about you?  As a senior pastor, it can be hard to find a group of peers who share your similar challenges and joys.

Conversations with Experts
Conversations with Experts

You want to learn the latest innovations churches are using, and also the best practices of other senior pastors, but don’t have the time to research. We are beginning a new Next Generation Pastors in October for Senior Pastors who are age 25-42, leading a church with a weekly worship attendance of approximately 1000+.  We have a limited number of spots available for this group.  If you desire to connect with Senior Pastors in similar stages of life and ministry, be equipped by ministry experts and mentors, as well as be encouraged in your unique calling as a Senior Pastor, we want to invite you to a conversation. Find out more information here, as well as how to contact us today to be a part of this and other Leader groups.

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