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A Message from the Chief Encouragement Officer of Leadership Network

December 15, 2014

nativity sceneEvery year we celebrate the Advent season as a time of “Emmanuel” – God with us. It also reminds me of the Church’s awesome responsibility to share Christ with all people.

Leadership Network’s role in that cause is to help foster innovation movements that activate the Church to greater impact. I give thanks to God not only for our team that serves clients like you every day but each of you in your unique tasks of serving in your communities and ministries around the world.

Let me list a few groups of people that I give thanks to God for during this season:

Lead pastors of the churches we directly serve – As most of you know we serve a select group of pastors in our face-to-face programs like Leadership Communities and our upcoming HUB events. These leaders carry great loads of responsibility to lead their own congregations, staffs and servants but also be lighthouses for other churches to advance innovations that others can apply.

The teams within those churches that make it happen week to week – Through our processes we see hardworking, faithful teams of leaders moving ideas to implementation and impact. That does not come without diligence, planning and God’s strength for every day. I am thankful to God for all of you.

The church teams we touch but don’t serve directly – We serve upwards of 200,000 different leaders every year but 99% of those we never see face to face or have direct relationship in a structured way. But we know from your emails, Twitter streams and practices that you are paying attention when we share what we have learned.  And your teams extend many of the innovations in places around the world that we would never have the capabilities to reach.

Our own staff team at Leadership Network – We have a group of leaders committed to serving Kingdom leaders in a very specialized way. This year has meant a lot of planning and changes in how Leadership Network will operate and program in the future. That has meant lots of staff stress. Our team has continued to carry out their programs with a high level of professionalism and confidence for which I am thankful.

Our Family, Friends and Fan Churches – There is a new group of churches that have committed to supporting us financially with gifts to support our ongoing work. These are kingdom leaders in a big way who give not for their own benefit but to serve all the kingdom work of Leadership Network. You will hear more about them in the future.

Our board and other financial partners – Our board supplies much of the financial resource needed to implement our programs that serve leaders. They give generously and without strings to insure that we may plan and execute according to our vision. In addition we have numerous other financial partner donors and foundations, without whom we would never be able to serve you. I am thankful for each board member, donor and foundation decision maker.

Now as we all Celebrate Christ’s arrival we pray for all of you. May this season of thanksgiving and praise resound with God’s good news gospel to all.

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