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A Conversation with Joel Southerland About Social Media and Evangelism: Podcast 221

By August 8, 2017 No Comments

If there is one thing that we keep on hearing from our church leaders who use social media, it’s that “Social media is a tool for evangelism!” – and it’s something that most of us agree with. The rest of the details, however, often do not follow. How exactly do we use social media for evangelism? Do we bombard Facebook with John 3:16’s? Do we create inspirational content and insert hints of the Gospel in them? Or do we just put selfies of our senior pastors on Instagram?

It seems easy to answer but laying out a blueprint for social media use in our ministries isn’t as simple as it appears to be. Joel Southerland joins us in this podcast to answer these questions about social media and evangelism.

How does your church utilize social media? Share your thoughts with us! Use the hashtag #SMCPodcast on your posts.



Show Notes to A Conversation with Joel Southerland about Social Media and Evangelism: Podcast 221


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