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A Bias for Action

February 14, 2014

I came out of business school right as Tom Peters was making the splash on the best-seller lists and have followed his books since.

If you ever have seen him on stage presenting you will know he is just as engaging as an evangelical preacher who mercilessly drives his points home.

And what I appreciate about Peters is his ability to both stay on the same message over time while constantly revising his presentations of the themes with new insights and materials.

If you run over to his recent blog post here : – you will see that his constancy on a single thought still remains.

The one he mentions is also important to us at Leadership Network. We value a Bias For Action.

I am not shooting at any group or other organization, but the leaders that gather in our Leadership Communities and Programs are making plans and doing stuff. They know that good ideas only get you so far. Unless you implement them and drive them toward making an impact, an idea holds little value.

The pestilence of some of our days is too much time spent talking and not enough doing. I have been invited to multiple events and think tanks for discussions. When I go I like going. I like talking about Big Ideas and how they could impact a lot of people.

But more than that, I like sitting in a room of practitioners who are doing things, failing often, but revising plans and doing it again until they get it right.

That is the value of our program at Leadership Network. We drive ideas to implementation to impact with some of the great churches from around the world.

So, if you want some great discussions, there are lots of great conferences for that. Go enjoy and soak them in.

But if you want to really get something going…check out some of our new Leadership Communities where you will find a mutually supportive network of peers that help you drive ideas through to impact.

So go here to find out more.

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