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Churches That Promote Missions See Higher Giving

January 28, 2016


By Warren Bird


Imagine two large churches. Each has similar attendance and serves people from the same mix of economic levels. Which one has more tithes and offerings? The one that’s more involved in world missions, where global mission programs are a major emphasis or a specialty of the congregation. In those churches, per capita giving is $1,960 annually (or $38/week). By contrast, a church with only “some” global missions emphasis, per capita giving is $1,249 annually (or $24/week).


For this and other recent national research on very large churches, download the free report, Recent Shifts in America’s Largest Protestant Churches: Megachurches 2015 Report, authored by Scott Thumma and Warren Bird, and sponsored by the Beck Group.


For other information on large church issues, see Leadership Network’s page on global megachurches and also on large church financial issues .



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