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7 Reads or Watches for the weekend

May 2, 2014

  I spent the week at the Exponential Conference hanging with lots of great church planters. Thanks for all that stopped by to say “hi.”

Here are 7 things to click through for the weekend.


This first one corresponds to my What’s Next talk I frequently give on “All Things Digital.” Why twitter has everyone on the hot seat . With several stories over the past few weeks, anyone that disagrees with anything can “out” you. The same can be said of any social network. You mess up as a pastor or leader and everyone is going to know about it. And while it doesn’t tell the story accurately, it is going to be out there.


Can Asking Questions Make us Better Innovators? This is a good summary of the recent book A Better Question by Warren Berger. And at Leadership Network we certainly believe Innovation is what changes the world.


Remember last week’s post where I asked if you had tried a cat on your chest? Well this post says that Walking is the key to creativity.


Is Divorce Contagious? It does seem like it sometimes. I have seen it in social groups (like churches). I was speaking to a leader the other day who reported on a mid size church that had 12 couples divorce in 18 months. Practical implication? 39 people no longer connected with resultant loss of volunteer capacity, giving, ministry.

[Which is why you should probably check out our Marriage Ministry Leadership Community.] Marriage Health can be contagious too.


I have always felt that large churches owe part of their rapid growth to people moving from one part of the country to another. When people move, they seek out new connections in many ways, including churches. Over the last decade, mobility has dropped. Here is one view as to why.


We usually see this presented in the opposite way and with a hat tip to my friend Ed Stetzer, I know that some of these stats are up for debate…but Your Atheism Isn’t Keeping Your kids from believing in God.  So while evangelicals talk about the loss of their kids, the atheists are also complaining.


Finally a few “views” for you.

For those who missed Exponential – here is the link to get the digital access pass.

My friends Pete Scazzero and Rich Villodas are offering their Emotionally Healthy Leader Conference broadcast for free this week. Go here on the 7th and 8th.

And we at Leadership Network have a special broadcast on the 13th. It is the first time we are showing this material based on our live conference in 2009. Power packed and relevant. It will also feature an extended interview I did with Dino Rizzo. Register here for the free broadcast or sign up for some of the bonus content and books.


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