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6 Keys to Accelerating Generosity In Your Church

March 1, 2017

How can you inspire stewardship, generosity and giving in your church? Chris Willard, one of the thought leaders at our upcoming Innovate:NOW! – Radical Generosity gathering and co-author of Contagious Generosity, shares six big ideas to consider.

1) Build Trust: All charitable funding is given in an atmosphere of trust. Leverage the weekend worship experience by building trust in all you do.

2) Cast (and re-cast) the Vision: People have to be constantly reminded of the vision of the church because vision leaks. 

3) Shape Culture: You can have great vision, but bad culture will cause problems in implementing it. Culture is never neutral—it is either moving your ministry toward generosity or allowing you to drift away.

4) Demonstrate Impact: Showing givers the results of their giving is like showing them a return on their investments, and people direct their charitable giving to where they see results. Make sure you are consistently reporting results and telling inspirational stories of life change.

5) Enhance Relationships: People give to people, motivated by need and results. Build relationships with a broad spectrum of the people in your church and invite them to get involved. Make time in your schedule to connect with the people in your church who can help fund the vision.

6) Highlight Good Stewardship: Churches that practice good stewardship with the money that is given to them earn givers’ respect. Look for obvious signs of waste or excess and let your people know about key decisions where you more efficiently use the funds entrusted to your church.

Innovate:NOW! – Radical Generosity is a one-day, Leadership Network church innovation experience held at our headquarters in Dallas, Tx. This is not a conference, but an interactive, collaborative learning and strategic planning experience. Come ready to learn from experts, collaborate and make exponential progress in areas where you are stuck or needing to scale for the future.




Excerpted from “Contagious Generosity” by Chris Willard & Jim Sheppard, Zondervan, 2012.

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