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“5 Outreach Principles That Always Work” and Other Recent Tweets

May 8, 2014

Please take a quick skim of these recent tweets (@warrenbird), just in case you missed any that you’d find helpful.

twitter megaphone21. Five outreach principles that always work by W. Charles Arn, ex: transitions make the best window.

2. Special study on N. America’s 4,000 Largest Churches: If your worship attendance is 1000-plus, that’s you.

3. Five excellent books on leadership development from @leadnet book line.

4. More insight on Chinese decision to destroy prominent Sanjiang Church facility in Wenzhou.

5. Five reasons people, especially millennials, stop attending church by @cnieuwhof.

6.  UK: Fresh Expressions of church life, encouraging developments summarized by @edstetzer.

7. @davetravis on 7 things innovative leaders will benefit from reading, good mind stretching.

8. The biggest frustrations in ministering to families.

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