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5 Lessons for Rapidly Growing Churches’ Leadership Development Initiatives

March 19, 2014

LD G4 MeetingFor the past 6 years, I’ve had the privilege to lead Leadership Network’s Leadership Development Initiatives. We’ve had approximately 45 churches participate in our 2 year Leadership Community groups working on creating innovative effective approaches to developing “more and better leaders”.

Together, we’ve discovered 5 keys to see effective leadership development going on in larger churches.

First- the senior leader and his lead team have bought into the idea that developing leaders, rather than just running good programs, is mission critical.

Second- someone on that lead team is waking up every day thinking about leadership development and how keep it effective and the for-front of staff across each of its ministries.

Third- the senior leader and the lead team have connected leadership development with the strategic plan. The lead team knows how many leaders at various levels of the organization have to be developed in order to accomplish the church’s strategic plan. The number of leaders (not volunteers) of a church determines the breadth and depth of that church’s impact.

Fourth- churches that are excelling in leadership development have their staff teams to fully “bought in” with leadership development being a critical measurement of their effectiveness. This becomes a critical metric rather than just individual staff performance in programming their ministry areas.

Fifth- churches have developed comprehensive church wide delivery systems to develop leaders at various levels across the church. While models may vary (class model, apprentice model, individual directed learning models), these churches have been relentless at ensuring good intentions are followed up with implementation, evaluation and constant improvement.

Does your church have all the fully equipped leaders it needs to accomplish the vision and mission that it is so passionately committed to carry out?

Leadership Network has developed a proven process to gather large churches in a collaborative learning environment to work on both of these questions. Using its proven Leadership Community process, where teams achieve twice the results in half the time, a peer group of 12 church leadership teams is currently being formed to help dream, create and implement ideas into real action with tangible results. Take home strategic and action step plans after every group meeting.

Another group of 12 church leadership teams will commit to join a two-year cohort experience focusing specifically on leadership development.

Apply today for one of only 12 spaces available in each cohort group. Senior pastors of each church applying for a place within a cohort group must complete an interview before moving to the next step in the cohort process.

Who can be part?

  • Senior Pastors and leadership teams that place a high priority on Evangelism and/or Leadership Development.
  • Your church wants to innovate in either of these two areas right now.
  • You are a large, fast-growing church, 1000+.


Many other large, growing churches have participated in Leadership Community cohorts – Gateway Church (Dallas, TX), Seacoast Church (Charleston, SC), Perimeter Church (Atlanta, GA), Austin Stone (Austin, TX), New Hope (Hawaii), Cedarcreek (Toledo, OH), Northridge (Detroit, MI), and Holy Trinity Brompton (London, UK).

Please use the link below to fill out our online interest form to talk with us further about this opportunity.

Leadership Development Application Form

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