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3 People Groups Your Church Must Reach in Order to Grow (and How We Can Help)

July 14, 2016

Every generation of church leaders seems to struggle to reach the next generation, and especially the one that comes beyond that. If you have been around churches long enough, you probably remember the Gen X emphasis among Boomer leaders 20 years ago.

But this generation, the Millennials, and the one behind it (pick your favorite name), are looking radically different in some of their current behaviors.  How do you stay on top of the latest trends and ideas, as well as find the space to create systems and strategies that will be effective in this time and in your place?

Fortunately for you, we have some advance scouts working on various ways to reach, engage, disciple and deploy these generations, as well as the so-called NONES, or those that claim no religious affiliation.

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Those of you that know Leadership Network know that we don’t do seminars, but instead we facilitate in-depth collaborative experiences that help a group of churches become more effective in a given area.  We’re now doing the same when it comes to reaching and engaging Millennials, Nones, and the Next Generation.

HUB:Millennials, Nones, and the Next Generation will give your team exposure to current working models, new ideas, and other leaders on the same journey through a 12-month, in-depth collaborative experience.  We provide the place, the space, and the process to move your thinking and doing forward.  Its up to you to commit to being there.

I know this opportunity will make a difference in your efforts to further the vision of your church.  Just be sure and click on the button below to learn more and schedule a phone conversation.

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*HUB:Millennials, Nones, and the Next Generation is designed for churches over 800 in average weekend worship attendance who are actively reaching these growing segments of our population, are open to new ideas and models, and are looking to collaborate with other leaders and teams.

swansonEric Swanson serves as Director for HUB:Millennials, Nones, and the Next Generation, a one-year collaborative experience for church teams who realize the importance of reaching, retaining and growing Millennials.

The Church always exists to pass the message to the next generation. But new generations and new mindsets mean new challenges and new approaches. Is your church ready to make the shifts necessary to reach these growing segments of our population?


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