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3 Critical Success Factors for Multisite Growth

January 12, 2015

If you’ve had the opportunity to read our 2014 Leadership Network/Generis Multisite Church Scorecard Report, you know that multisite is continuing to grow at a tremendous rate.  According to our research, multisite churches touch 5 million people weekly through congregations of all sizes. Their number includes many of North America’s largest, most visible, and most influential churches.

But not only is multisite growing as a movement, the churches within the movement report amazing growth levels as well, much of it through new believers.  An impressive 85% of surveyed multisite churches are growing—and at the strong rate of 14% per year. A few quick findings from the report:

  • The typical multisite church is just 4 years into the process, and 57% plan to launch an additional campus in the next 12 months.
  • One in three (37%) churches started a multisite campus as the result of a merger.
  • The vast majority (88%) of churches report that going multisite increased the role of lay participation.
  • The vast majority (87%) of campus pastors are found internally—trained and hired from within the church.
  • Multisite campuses grow far more than church plants, and likewise multisite campuses have a greater evangelistic impact than church plants.
  • Nearly half (48%) of multisite churches directly sponsor new churches.

By now it should be clear that multisite has, is having, and will continue to have a tremendous Kingdom impact!

3 Critical Success Factors for Multisite Growth

Our work with multisite churches over the past 10-12 years has revealed, among others, three areas that are critical to the success of any multisite church, regardless of vision, culture, environment, or specific model:

  1. Building Leadership Capacity. How do multisite leaders develop a strategy to maximize leadership capacity that is consistent with their internal culture and external context?
  2. Multiplying Momentum. How do multisite leaders develop the capacity for ongoing multiplication?
  3. Maximizing Shared Services. How do multisite leaders understand, evaluate, and establish global guides for shared services that fuel campus growth?

The more a multisite church is able to excel in each of these areas, the more they will be able to experience healthy, sustainable growth that leads to lasting Kingdom impact!

How Can You and Your Team Learn More About These Issues?

Over the next few weeks, we will be unpacking each of these multisite critical success factors, explaining some of the key principles and learnings for each area of growth.  Our hope is that these ideas will provide some discussion starters for you and your team.

If you are really looking to maximize your multisite reach and impact, you need to be a part of HUB.  HUB is a new offering from Leadership Network that launches in March of 2015.  Through this dynamic, collaborative 12-month experience, we will be diving into each of these areas with churches across North America, giving you a chance to meet with expert thinkers and experienced practitioners to exchange ideas, gain insights, and accelerate results.  To learn more about HUB, click on the button below.





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