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“26 Time Management Tips” and Other Recent Tweets

January 2, 2014

Please take a quick skim of these recent tweets (@warrenbird), just in case you missed any that you’d find helpful.

1.Twenty-six time management tips, quick PPT with many good ideas for managers & leaders.

2. Top 10 Church Management Articles of 2013 from Christianity Today.

3. Video tips when shooting video of someone’s testimony, excellent advice from pro @PhilCooke

4. Canada megachurch growth, including urban int’l congregations, positive newspaper article.

5. Eight reasons from the Bible the Apostle Paul would want churches to be multiethnic @DerwinLGray

6. Comparing Baby Boomer with Gen X, Y & Z, great infographic shows how internet impacts each.

7. Twenty-nine percent of Americans say their phone is the first & last thing they look at each day (Qualcomm).

8. Gallup: global average household income is $9,733, highest Norway, lowest Liberia, big range.

9. Finding grant $ for church building campaigns by Joy Skjegstad, author of Winning Grants.

10. Ten reasons to be excited about the next generation of leaders by @bradlomenick.

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