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“25 Important Discoveries about Multisite ” and Other Recent Tweets

March 13, 2014

Please take a quick skim of these recent tweets (@warrenbird), just in case you missed any that you’d find helpful.

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1. Twenty-five Important Discoveries about Multisite

2. A toxic church culture will eat your vision for lunch @samchand Don’t miss his vital insights.

3. Jim Tomberlin @MultiSiteGuy great 3-minute video on new learnings about multisite churches 

4. Only 4% of readers are eBook-ONLY, so print books still play the largest role in book sales.

5. Big multisite report, authors @warrenbird @Jim_Sheppard interviewed by Religion News Service

6. Who reads the Bible and why, new study, summary.

7. Menlo Park Presbyterian, John Ortberg pastor, leaves denom – multisite issues one reason.

8. Multisite Churches: Sign of Hope for Western Church?” major article @adrianwarnock

9. Energy Star workbook for congregations, tips to reduce expenses, thus more funds for mission.

10. Seven occasions when you should NOT hire more church staff, good advice from @ThomRainer

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