Multiplication Center

2022 Learning Communities

Be adventurous: Pursue your next with Jesus.


Sharpen your skills and prepare for the ministry road ahead. This unique experience will help you prepare for the world in flux and the changing nature of ministry.


Increase your confidence as a leader alongside other forward-thinking leaders serving in the same roles for shared learning and expanding ideas as you collaborate on the future of the church.


With Learning Communities spanning multiple church leader roles, you extend the experience to more facets of your church. Travel together, learn together, and grow together.

Connect with results-oriented leaders navigating the future together

Leadership Network is now offering Learning Communities for:

Join a community of kingdom-minded changemakers shaping the future together.

Executive Leader Cohorts

Designed exclusively for Executive Leaders to wrestle with issues unique to this critical, second chair leadership role. You will learn from fellow Executive Leaders that can speak into the confusion of the day and what their experience says about the future.

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Executive Leaders Overview

Tim Stevens

Tim is the Executive Pastor of Campuses and Culture at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicagoland. Prior to that, he served Vanderbloemen for 6 years as Vice President of Consulting. He began his ministry at Granger Community Church. During a 20 year period when they grew  from a congregation of 250 meeting in a movie theater–to a world-impact ministry reaching more than 6,000 locally and tens of thousands around the world.

Overall Goals

  • Robust Networking – everyone leaves with at least 2 life-long friends / supporters.
  • Renewed Hope – our work is still worth it, the Church will prevail.
  • Infusion of energy – new ideas, out-of-the-box thinking will energize you and your team.
  • Focus on Personal Health & Integrity – even if it means stepping aside for a season, the strength of your ministry is no better than the strength of your family, integrity, and marriage.
  • New Perspective – think bigger than your church, what can you and your team do to multiply your impact.

Module #1: Atlanta, GA / North Point Church / Sep 12-16, 2022

Theme: All Things Staff: Anything is Possible with the Right Team

Topics: Recruiting; Hiring, Onboarding, Compensation, One on Ones; Development; Reviews; Firing; Org Structure; Staff ratios; Dollars spent on staff

Module #2: Chicago, IL / Willow Creek / Nov 28-Dec 2, 2022

Theme: Culture Matters: Get This Wrong, and Nothing Else Matters

Topics: Assessing culture; importing and exporting culture; infusing new culture; turnaround culture; driving values at every point of the employee journey

Module #3: Dallas, TX / Lakepointe Church / Feb 6-10, 2023

Theme: All the Rules Have Changed

Topics: Post-Covid challenges, what to measure, mental health and personal integrity, digital/online/metaverse, diversity, remote working

Everything is changing but you don’t have to wrestle with the chaos of the future alone. Join other Executive Leaders in a small group, peer-to-peer setting to explore:

  • Post-Covid Challenges: what to measure, mental health and personal integrity, digital/metaverse, remote working, etc.
  • Team: how to develop the right team including onboarding, compensation, development, org structure, staff ratios, etc.
  • Culture: assessing culture, importing and exporting culture, infusing new culture, turnaround culture, and driving values at every point of the employee journey

Campus Leader Cohorts

The Campus Leader role is as unique to a church as your ministry context. This cohort, designed exclusively for Campus Leaders, tackles your diverse and demanding responsibilities. You will benefit from prominent Campus Leaders who will share from their "in the trenches" experience.

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Campus Leaders Overview

Jim Tomberlin
Jim has served local churches over four decades of diverse ministry. He has pastored churches in New Mexico and Germany, grown a megachurch in Colorado, pioneered the multisite strategy for Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago and served as the Chief of Staff at Christ Fellowship in Miami. Nationally recognized as an expert on multisite church, Jim serves as a multisite and church merger strategist-consultant with Tony Morgan at the Unstuck Group.

  • Be Encouraged
    • By peer-group interaction
    • By forming lasting peer-to-peer relationships
    • By seasoned multisite practitioners
    • By learning multisite best practices
    • By improving your campus pastor skills
  • Be Equipped
    • To be an effective campus pastor
    • To develop volunteers, leaders and staff
    • To navigate the multisite matrix structure
    • To strengthen the inter-campus relationships
    • To grow and multiply your campus
    • To impact and transform your community
    • To become a better, healthier and resilient leader
  • Be Inspired
    • By world class multisite churches
    • By multisite trailblazers and leaders
    • By new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking
    • By fresh perspectives to think bigger, better and bolder

Join other forward-thinking Campus Leaders in a relational learning environment at pace-setting multisite churches focusing on:

  • Skillsets of effective campus pastors
  • Campus growth and multiplication
  • Volunteer and leadership development
  • Impacting local communities
  • Self-leadership and personal soul care
  • Leading in a matrix organizational structure
  • Navigating inter-campus relationships

Worship Leader Cohorts

Crafted exclusively for the unique needs and responsibilities of today’s worship pastors leading in diverse, fast-paced settings. You have the opportunity to gain from prominent worship pastors that can speak into your current challenges and opportunities so you can lead into the future with clarity.

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Worship Leaders Overview

Nancy Beach

Nancy is a passionate champion and voice for leaders and artists in the local church. For over 20 years, she served as the Programming Director for Willow Creek Community Church in suburban Chicago.


  1. That each participant form a strong connection with at least a couple others in the group that will last beyond this experience and help him/her to know they are not alone and a leader from another church is in their corner and available for support.
  2. For each leader to examine their levels of Self Awareness and Self Leadership, forming or adjusting their plan for flourishing in all of life and ministry. Offering guidance for rhythms, soul care, replenishing relationships, and artistic stimulation. I will challenge them to design a specific plan for next steps and sustainability.
  3. For Worship Arts leaders to become more intentional with how they “Lead Up” to the SP, EP, and Board of Directors effectively.
  4. For each leader to become more intentional in creating worship that leads to transformation, increasingly growing the level of engagement in their congregation. We will walk through a 4 stage process connected to Service Design with each participant identifying where they are doing well and where they need to make adjustments.
  5. For each leader to have a vision for creating a healthy team culture among all the artists. This will include practical ideas for building community, developing volunteers, and working through inevitable conflicts.

Naming Your Biggest Challenge

Content on Self Leadership, Healthy Rhythms, Spiritual Practices, Life-Giving Relationships, Artistic Stimulation


Join other passionate Worship Leaders in a growth environment at leading creative churches.

  • Collaborate with other effective, in-the-trenches worship leaders
  • Cultivate connections that will last beyond the journey
  • Explore cutting edge subjects: metaverse, micro expressions, reach the next generation and more
  • Sharpen your skills and build your leadership toolbox to lead your team and church toward healthy growth

Locations and Dates

Gather at World Class Churches

The Learning Community journey consists of three separate gatherings in three different cities over a seven-month period. The cohorts will meet three times from September 2022 to February 2023. Each gathering will be a day and a half during the following weeks:

1.5 days during the week of September 12, 2022 at North Point Community Church (Atlanta area)

1.5 days during the week of November 28, 2022 at Willow Creek Community Church (Chicago area)

1.5 days during the week of February 6, 2023 at Lakepointe Church (Dallas area)

Days and times

  • Executive Leaders have 2 options:
    • 9:00am Wednesdays through noon Thursdays during the weeks and locations mentioned above.
    • 1:00pm Thursdays through 5:00pm Fridays during the weeks and locations mentioned above.
  • Campus Leaders will meet from 9:00am Wednesdays through noon Thursdays during the weeks and locations mentioned above.

  • Worship Leaders will meet from 9:00am Wednesdays through noon Thursdays during the weeks and locations mentioned above.

Bring Your Team

  • Simultaneous offerings for Executive Leaders, Campus Leaders, and Worship Leaders

  • Shared learning experience with your teammates in 2022-23

  • Ability to travel together to the same cities and host church locations for collaboration and reducing expenses

  • Receive discounted registrations when you sign-up multiple leaders from your church on the same registration

Registration Details

Limited Spots Available – each cohort limited to only 25 seats

You will select your specific cohort in the checkout process. 
Quantity discounts and coupon code entry will be reflected on the checkout screen.

One Leader

from an individual church
$ 1500 per person
  • Collaborate With Peers
  • Prepare for the Future

2 Leaders

from the same church
$ 1300 per person
  • Travel Together
  • Shared Experience

3+ Leaders

from the same church
$ 1100 per person
  • Extend the Learning
  • Equipping for Your Team
best value



Yes. Each leader participating in a cohort is responsible for their own travel costs (airfare, car, etc.), lodging, etc.

One meal per gathering will be included which will be lunch on the full day of your one and a half day cohort meeting. All other meals are the responbility of the attendee.

Because registration spots are limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis, no refunds are issued for attendees who wish to cancel. Registrations are transferrable to another leader. To transfer your registration, contact

In the unlikely event the Learning Communities are cancelled before the first gathering, your tuition will be refunded.