2019 Tailored Compensation Report

Get a customized analysis of salary data for specific roles in your church.

The complete package

4 ingredients for an on-point analysis

Role-specific data

Get an analysis of compensation data for 2 or more roles in your church based on comparisons with same-size churches.

Pre-calculated data

View specific figures based on church income, average attendance, and federal pay scale adjustment for your region.

Accurate salary range

Refer to a salary range for each role shown as the 20th, 40th, 60th, and 80th percentile – more accurate than averages.

Customized feedback

Get personalized recommendations and action points based on how your church compares to others in its peer group.

The winning formula

3 steps to a tailored report for your church

1. Submit information

Start by providing your church’s total income, average weekly attendance, and the specific roles you want to be analyzed.

2. Compare with peers

From our dataset, we will select 50 churches that are closest to yours in size and income for the purpose of comparison.

3. Customize report

We will then create a report with salary data for each role based on church income, attendance, and pay scale adjustment.

The good stuff

No more number crunching, no more ballparking!

Easy viewing

Enjoy the convenience of viewing pre-calculated compensation data for each role without having to do the hard work yourself.

Knowledge is power

The comparison data will help your team make wise decisions in hiring, rewarding, and retaining key team members.

Reliable research

Rest assured that all calculations and personalized expert suggestions are backed by 20 years of up-to-date research.

Pay scale adjustment

Structure your staff's salary with data on the current household income of the county in which your church is located.

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Get our 2019 Tailored Compensation Report to understand where your church staff stands on the salary graph.

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