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The 2019 Compensation Tables

Are you paying your church staff too much, too little, or just right?

Get our 2019 Compensation Tables and stay up to date with salary trends based on your church size.

With our fully updated 2019 Compensation Tables, you can:

Get a detailed look at salary trends based on your church size

View competitive salary data for up to 30 roles in your church

Factor in the cost of living in your region to adjust the salaries

Level up like these pastors:

Four key elements to up your hiring game

Role-specific data

Get access to compensation data for up to 30 top roles in a church of your size.

Data by attendance

View salary data for each role based on your average weekend worship attendance.

Salary range

Refer to a salary range (shown as the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentile) for each role.

Cost of living multiplier

Get census data for federal employee pay scale adjustment in your region.

No more number crunching, no more ballparking!

Convenience is king

Experience the ease of accessing salary data tailored to your church size in one place.

Overcome peer pressure

Get salary data that’s comparable with what other churches of your size are offering.

Save 240 hours on research

Rest in the surety that all calculations are backed by 20 years of strong research.

Quantify your church context

Determine the cost of living in your region and apply it to the data in your tables.

$199 Per Table

Why you can
trust our data

While other studies focus on average churches and denominational tribes,
we offer the most comprehensive data for large churches in the US and Canada.

years of large-church compensation studies

large churches in the US and Canada

church employees from both countries

Stay up to date with accurate salary data based on the size of your church.