Get Leadership Network’s Tailored Compensation Report For Your Church

We can create a special report tailored JUST for your situation.

Our individualized report will provide your team with analysis of the specific roles you want to check against other peers. Our report will draw from almost 20,000 different individual salaries from large churches in the U.S. and Canada.

In addition, Leadership Network will use several other data sources to provide your oversight team with what it needs to provide clarity in tailoring compensation packages for your unique situation. These include geography, size of ministry, and other factors necessary to do fair, competent benchmarking.

The Leadership Network Tailored Compensation Report will also include personalized recommendations based on how your church compares to others in its peer group. You may choose from several options.

Option 1 – Two requested roles, $3000.

Option 2 – Five requested roles, $5000.

Option 3 – More roles, contact us for a direct quote. (In general we find that several roles guide the setting of other salaries in most large churches).

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