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12 Salary Trends Every Church Leader Should Know

September 27, 2016


2016-large-church-salary-study-share-imageWhat does an insider look at the compensation practices of 1,251 large churches reveal? Leadership Network’s 2016 edition of “12 Salary Trends Every Church Leader Should Know” offers an exclusive perspective on benchmarks, ratios and trending developments found in churches with weekly worship attendances from over 30,000 down to 500, with focus on top-tier staff. The goal of the report is to help church leaders, especially those of innovative larger churches, who want to learn from each other’s practices and build healthier systems for their churches.

The report comes in two editions, both available at

  1. The executive summary is a free download. This 14-page graphic-rich report offers select metrics on pay raises, bonuses, total staffing costs, top salary predictors, outsourcing patterns, and more. It also includes a participant overview and an international section (mostly Canada).
  2. The complete report is available at significant discount through Friday October 7th. Only $349 (after 10/7 the price will be $499). This 35-page download includes the entire executive summary, but using more than 20 tables and graphics, it offers further details on topics mentioned in the executive summary—often grouping them by church size (500-999, 1,000s, 2,000s, 3,000s, 4,000s, 5,000s, etc.). It then provides additional material on multisite dynamics, salary ranges, retirement and healthcare contributions, and more.

Both editions are presented in partnership with Vanderbloemen Search Group.

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