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12 Intriguing Megachurch Trends

December 2, 2016

by Warren Bird

Does it surprise you that among megachurches…?

  • 62% are multisite, up from 46% five years ago
  • 30% host an online campus (more than just streaming)
  • 57% serve Communion always or often as part of worship
  • almost twice as many “strongly agree” that their congregation has a clear mission and purpose, as compared to smaller churches

These findings and more are available in a just-released, richly illustrated report, “Recent Shifts in America’s Largest Protestant Churches,” by Scott Thumma and Warren Bird, brought to you by The Beck Group.

For a video recording of a recent media webinar where reporters asked questions about the report, click the graphic on this page.

In recent years, Scott Thumma and Warren Bird have been the nation’s most prolific researchers and writers on megachurch trends. Here are several other publications (all free downloads) that track developments in large churches:

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