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11 for 11 Theme Continues for April

April 11, 2011


Leadership Network Advance, which goes to over 35,000 subscribers, is emphasizing the theme of “Large Church Senior Pastors” in its April 12, 2011, issue. Continuing our “11 for 11” emphasis – eleven different innovations, one per month, across 2011 – we’re looking this time at how the role of lead pastors is changing in North America’s larger churches. After an introductory article, readers can learn from an in-depth report by Leadership Network’s managing director Dave Travis. The free download is available in three parallel formats: mini-paper, podcast, or video.

Previous months have featured other important trends. March covered team collaboration, spotlighting developments in how churches are broadening their leadership platforms. The issue featured an introductory article and included links to a fuller report, largely the same content in three different formats: mini-paper, video, or podcast. February’s emphasis was Rapidly Growing Churches. January’s theme was Global Connection Churches.

Leadership Network also offers more than 200 other focused reports that explore various leading practices in churches today. For a general directory see (all free downloads).

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