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11 for 11 Highlights Lead Pastors of Larger Churches

April 19, 2011


We’re using the term “11 for 11” because we’re highlighting 11 different aspects of innovation over the first 11 months of 2011.

The most recent “11 for 11” issue of Leadership Network Advance explores the changing role of large church lead pastors. It featured an introductory article titled “The ‘Get Big Fast’ Phenomenon” by Dave Travis, followed by a more in depth report, the same content in three parallel formats: mini-paper, podcast, or video.

Previously, the March “11 for 11” issue emphasized the emerging role of team collaboration. An introductory article was followed by a fuller report, largely the same content in three different formats: mini-paper, podcast, or video. February’s theme was Rapidly Growing Churches. January’s theme was Global Connection Churches.

Leadership Network also offers a number of focused reports that explore a more in-depth look at various leading practices in churches today. For a general directory see (all free downloads). One paper especially helpful for about senior pastors is: Teacher First, based on a national survey of larger church senior pastors that I conducted for Leadership Network.

May’s theme will deal with fast forwarding your church's community engagement, slated for May 10, 2011.

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