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February 27, 2012

Published on 2/27/2012

Learn from influential pastors of large churches in Pastors Who Are Shaping the Future, The Heartbeat of Rising Influence Churches and A New Decade of Megachurches.

Encourage generosity in your church with Generosity Becoming a Fundamental Spiritual Discipline for Churches.

Find the right balance of formal leadership development and more organic spiritual training in Leadership Development: An Age-Old Challenge with a Modern-Day Twist.

Discover new normals in church strategy with Multisite Movement Gaining New Momentum in New Places, and Externally Focused Churches Becoming the New Norm.

Read about the explosion of new churches in Europe in Global Expansion: European Churches Becoming International Church Planting Movements.

Learn how women are mentoring female church leaders in See One, Do One, Teach One: Women Executive Pastors Look Toward the Next Generation, and how executive teams are becoming an increasingly frequent model of leadership in Team Collaboration: Broadening the Church Leadership Platform.

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