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“10 Productivity Tips That Fit 2014” and Other Recent Tweets

July 31, 2014

Please take a quick skim of these recent tweets (@warrenbird), just in case you missed any that you’d find helpful.

twitter sunglasses1. Ten productivity tips that fit 2014, slideshare PPT.

2. Pray and act: End “Very Near” for 2000 years of Christianity in Iraq, from ultimatums.

3. “You might say that Moses created the first multisite church” from Surratt, Ligon & Bird THE MULTI-SITE CHURCH REVOLUTION.

4. “Effective Church Announcements… that Move People to Action” 64-page ebook, by @richbirch

5. “Creating a Culture Where Leadership Development is the Norm” Michael Fletcher, Manna Church.

6. New research that explodes the myth that 50% of marriages end in divorce.

7. New innovations in online giving.

8. Pray for Christians overseas: Sudan outlaws church construction.

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