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10 Crucial Questions for 21st Century Discipleship Strategies

December 13, 2016

Watch the video from our webinar with Reggie McNeal as he addresses 10 questions to think about as you develop your discipleship strategy.

Why would a group of church leaders who had come together to work on their discipleship processes visit a CrossFit box? Answer: to understand the elements that create a truly transformational environment. The group (our first HUB:Discipleship participants) identified the following (not a complete list) in September, 2016:

  • Community
  • Accountability
  • Goal-setting
  • Celebration of progress


Creating a discipleship culture that is truly transformational is just one topic that our HUB:Discipleship experience is designed to address. The goal of our time together is not just to help leadership teams tweak their current discipleship efforts, but to help them seek adaptive solutions that will prove effective in the future. Some other issues we will investigate in future gatherings include:

  • Creating a coaching culture
  • Customizing discipleship approaches
  • Generating intentional spiritual conversations
  • Delivering asynchronous, ubiquitous (anytime, anywhere) discipleship

Our first group responded very positively to our HUB:Discipleship experience.

    • “We really appreciated the team planning time,” one participant wrote.
    • Another said, “the exercise templates were so good we took them home to use with our staff on other issues.”


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