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1 Key to Church Integrity You Cannot Overlook

January 11, 2016

I’ll admit it. If you’re like most church leaders, governance probably does not rank #1 on your list of favorite ministry subjects.

Just reading the word “governance” might make you yawn or, worse, pound your head in frustration thinking back to your last church board or elder meeting.

But stick with me. While it may be tempting to brush governance under the rug and focus on seemingly more exciting or interesting priorities, if you want to operate your church at the highest levels of integrity, you cannot overlook effective governance.

These are just a few examples of critical governance tasks that must be carried out with excellence:

  • Discerning God’s will for your church
  • Choosing your next lead pastor
  • Stewarding financial resources
  • Complying with ever-changing laws and regulations

God-honoring governance is important, and that’s why ECFA invites you to participate in our National Church Governance Survey, open now through the end of January.

The survey tool can be a valuable learning opportunity for your church. As a bonus, you’ll receive a free download from ECFA at the conclusion of the survey in appreciation for your time invested. Finally, the collective responses to the survey will help ECFA in developing future governance training resources for all churches.

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts! We look forward to hearing from you. 

Michael Martin is vice president of ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability), an organization that certifies churches and ministries for financial integrity. For more governance resources and to learn about ECFA’s integrity standards for churches, visit

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