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Click here to access the internet’s most complete, current and sortable list of the world’s largest-attendance churches. This global list is growing weekly — especially with help from viewers like you! You can sort it by continent, country, city, church size, pastor name, year pastor started, year the church was founded, theological family, whether it’s multisite, whether it has branches in the United States, and more. You will also see a growing number of links to photos and videos from each church.

I’ve been researching global megachurches since 1991, contributing to a North American megachurch list (click here to open it) of U.S. and Canadian churches since 2006, and posting this global version online since 2010. I’m the first to quickly acknowledge that it’s a nearly impossible task without help from readers like you who are warmly invited to offer suggestions, additions and corrections. Please contact me, Warren Bird, Ph.D., at

The list is not based on membership, seating capacity or building size but on actual worship attendance — adults and children, all services, all physical campuses on an average weekend for the year, not counting anyone twice. It is limited to Protestant congregations. Multisite churches are counted as part of one congregation if they are all under the same leader and governance, adhere to the same doctrine, identify together under a similar name or association, and share finances at some level.

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People sometimes ask how I get information that goes on the list. Sources include email correspondence both with the churches and those who have visited or studied them. I also study the church websites along with newspaper or Internet articles about the churches, often with help from the Google Chrome’s Translate function; today alone I’ve used it to translate from Hungarian, German, Spanish, Malay, and Portuguese. I especially reach out to scholars of religion in the same country as the church in question.

My favorite way of learning is to visit these congregations in person, chat with their people, tour their campus, and interview the senior pastor. Over recent years I’ve had the privilege of visiting the largest church in many countries ranging from KoreaChina and Singapore to Ukraine and United Kingdom. It’s exciting to find thriving churches from Hungary to The Netherlands, from South Africa to Australia. I’m hoping next for an invitation from some of the amazing churches in Nigeria and Kenya!


Why Is a List Like This Important?

1. Accurate data allows us to see the larger picture of what God seems to be doing. For starters, you’ll observe that the world’s biggest churches are not in the United States. As one example, India today has more believers than at any time in its 4,000-year history. You’ll also see which countries have the newer growth of larger churches (and as this list grows, I’m convinced that we’ll document that there are far more megachurches outside the United States than in it). You can explore everything from average pastor age to the likelihood level of Pentecostal/charismatic theology in these large churches.

2. Churches on this list tend to be innovators. This ranges from how they use technology to how they impact their communities for Christ. For example, by visiting the websites of these churches, reading their mission and vision statements, and perusing the ministries they list, you can sense the heartbeat and future directions of these pacesetters.

3. A list like this invites a level playing field for helpful conversation about global movers and shakers.For good or bad, larger churches are influential, both in their communities and also in influencing other churches.

4. It also helps churches who are listed to network with each other. Churches have more in common by size (attendance and/or budget) than by most other factors. People always like to know who their peers are, and they’re often stretched by hanging out with their peers.

5. This list serves as a starting point for additional research. The possibilities are innumerable.

FAQs about North American Megachurches

Here are links to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for North America’s largest churches:

– What was the first megachurch?

- How many megachurches are there in North America?

- Which North American megachurches have the largest sanctuaries?

- Who is the youngest North American megachurch pastor?

- Are all North American megachurches primarily English speaking?

- What are some good books about U.S. megachurches?

– NOTE: If you have other questions, please submit them to

book-cover-The-Chaging-World-Religion-Map-199x300- Global megachurches: For scholarly analysis of why megachurches flourish in some places and not in others, see Scott Thumma and Warren Bird, “Megafaith for the Megacity: The Global Megachurch Phenomenon” chapter 123 in Stanley Brunn, ed., The Changing World Religion Map, Springer, 2015.





Megachurch World Profiles from Outreach Magazine

megachurch world


Here is a series of articles I wrote for Outreach magazine, each profiling megachurches in a different country. Each addresses the general questions, “What can North American churches learn from large-church growth around the world.

  1. What Can We Learn from the International Church?
  2. If Here, Then Anywhere? Bethel Church, Netherlands
  3. Something New Is Happening in the Australian Church (not yet available online)
  4. Why So Many Megachurches in Korea? (not yet available online) 
  5. Learning from Our Neighbors to the North (not yet available online)









Global Trivia Test

Who are these leaders of the world’s largest churches? (They’re randomly ordered here.) Put your curser over each photo to see if you guessed correctly. Then go to this link to learn more about them.

Kong Hee Enoch Adeboye  Brian & Bobbie Houston Deon Robert Mario Vega Young Hoon Lee Joel & Victoria Osteen Cesar Castellanos William Kumuyi  Matthew Ashimolowo Eduardo Duran Castro Abe Huber Sergio and Carla Hornung  Emmanuel Makandiwa Lee Jae Hoon Leon Fontaine