Wipe Your Nos and Buts

No. Not yet. Of course not!  I have no money.  I have no time.  I have no _____________.  

But I can't.  But I don't know how!  But what about _________________.  But what will they _____________________. 

For every yes we can come up with about an idea, I'm sure we can think of a hundred nos  and buts.  The internal and external battles can become quite overwhelming.  These battles can lead to exhaustion, discouragement, paralysis and even death of an idea.  It's definitely true that when it comes to ideas, only the stong survive. 

Does it have to be that way?

In his new book, Good Ideas. Now What?Charles Lee helps you “wipe the nos and buts” from your ideas. He introduces a variety of insights and tools that will help you to move your  “ideas to execution.”  Grab a copy today and then share your thoughts about how you move from idea to implementation to impact through the comments section for this post.

For additional resources on moving your ideas to implementation to impact, check out the Leadership Network program offerings here.