Meet The Team

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Executive Team

Ron Edmondson

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Ligon

Chief Operating Officer

Diane Reynolds

Chief Financial Officer

Scott Papador

Director of Business Development


Julia Burk

Program Coordinator

Linda Cox

Accounting Coordinator

Brent Dolfo

Director of Leadership Development and Roadmap Initiatives

Cindi Haworth

Program Coordinator

Lance Knutson

Director of Partnerships

Jeff Kossack

Director of the Next Generation Leader Initiatives

Tim Nations

Executive Director

Todd Rhoades

Director of New Media and Technology Initiatives

Eric Swanson

Director of Engagement and Big Data Initiatives

Chris Willard

Director of Generosity Initiatives

Dr. Josh Whitehead


Darren Young

Director of Executive Pastor Leader Initiatives

Leadership Network Fellows/Consultants

Dave Travis

Senior Consultant

Dr. Warren Bird

Senior Fellow

Reggie McNeal

Senior Fellow

Linda Stanley

Senior Fellow

Gayle Carpenter

Senior Fellow