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There may be nothing more overwhelming than launching your first multisite campus. You must find, build or renovate a location. You must raise the launch and operational costs. And, you must find and develop the right campus pastor and team! Most things in ministry are simple in comparison to launching your first campus, but nothing is more rewarding than the first day worshipping at that new expression of your churches vision, values and DNA.

At Leadership Network, we have been helping churches launch their first multisite campus for years – and, we’ve learned a lot along the way. Through our HUB:Multisite JumpStart experience, we lead churches on a 1-year journey to launch their first location. So, what have we learned from that experience?

Don’t just launch ONE campus – launch one campus with multiple campuses in mind.

Many church leaders begin the multisite journey with “tunnel vision” – only evaluating one community to launch their first campus in. We have found that it is more helpful to lead churches to evaluate multiple communities in which they could launch their first campus. This allows leaders to look for best locations and best leaders for their first campus launch. And, launching with multiple campuses in mind allows you to launch your next campus more quickly and effectively.

Don’t look for ONE campus pastor – develop campus pastors.

The most effective churches launching their first multisite campus are not looking for a campus pastor – they are developing campus pastors. Although you will need a campus pastor to launch your first location, creating a development process for future campus staff teams will allow you to take advantage of future opportunities to launch campuses in locations you never dreamed of. The greatest limiter of your multisite vision will be one of two things – leaders or finances. Create a process to develop future campus pastors and teams to launch multiple campuses in the future.

Don’t raise money for ONE campus – create a budget that funds campus launches.

Although you will likely need a capital campaign to launch your first campus, churches launching campuses most effectively have made campus launch costs a part of their general budget. Many people think, “We can never get there!” But, what if you began by saving 1% of your budget each year for future campuses. Then, you raised that to 2%. In a few years, you would be funding campus launches from your general budget. Future capital campaigns would become a way to create greater opportunities for future campus growth. Don’t just raise money for one campus – create a budget strategy that allows you to fund future campus launches!

If you are interested in learning more about launching your first campus, learn from the best! On May 2, 2017 at 11:30am CDT we will be hosting a webinar with Jerry Hurley, Team Development Leader at Life.Church in Oklahoma City, OK. Jerry is responsible for the team and cultural development at Life.Church and helps shape the overall direction and leadership of the church. Jerry will be sharing how Life.Church fueled their multisite strategy by using the three key learnings above. To register, click the button below.