Large Church Salary Resources

This page lists several resources, starting with the most current — each full of trends, benchmarks, comparisons and other insights about salary, staffing, budget and other financial issues.

What’s New for 2016 Salary, Staffing and Budget?

Leadership Network’s 2016 Large Church Salary, Staff and Budget Survey is now open!

CLICK HERE to participate.

(Canadian Churches, click here to participate. Churches in any other country, please click here.)

What YOU will learn from the FREE report your church receives for participating:
1. Is your top-tier staff paid the “market” rate for churches your size?
2. What factors most influence top-tier salaries in churches like yours?
3. What ratios and benchmarks are most helpful for churches in your size range?
4. What percent of budget goes to staffing costs in very large churches?
5. Which salary and staffing issues might change as your church increases (or decreases) in size?

Five compelling reasons to participate
1. In addition to the richly illustrated executive summary (free), you will ALSO receive–again free–the $499 report with actual salary tables for your church size plus census-data “multiplier” numbers to adjust them to the geography and economics of your specific area.
2. There will be an invitation for anyone in your church to a free video webcast with early findings (open only to churches that participated in the survey) including Q&A with the survey director, Warren Bird, Ph.D.
3. You will have a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card (10 given away to randomly selected participants).
4. You will help literally thousands of other churches who will learn from you, even if anonymously.
5. Nowhere else will you learn from so many really large churches. The payback in information you’ll receive is well worth asking one of your staff members to participate.

Who should take this survey?
It’s typically filled out by someone in the office of executive pastor, business manager, HR director or church administrator – someone privy to salary and budget information. Only one response per church is requested, even if multisite. Not sure if your church has participated? Send us an email at from your church email account to find out.

Take the survey now!


Other Reports Available

Leadership Network/Vanderbloemen 2014 Large Church Salary Report: An Executive Summary of Research Trends in Compensation and Staffing

The 2014 update of our alternate-year survey on large churches, likely the most comprehensive financial perspective available anywhere on churches 1,000 to over 30,000 in attendance. Features include:

• Over 25 unique illustrations, many broken down by church size or church budget ranges.
• The body of the report is framed by questions, most as actual questions we’ve been asked by our clients. Each short response is accompanied by a short narrative and often a graphic.

2014 Large Church Salary Report Graphics

A supplement to the Leadership Network/Vanderbloemen 2014 Large Church Salary Report, this PDF slide show contains of all the graphics from our report.

Custom Compensation Analysis for Your Church Staff

How much should you be paying your pastor? Are you paying your pastor enough to meet the cost of living in your area? Most churches have no idea what a fair compensation package is for their pastor or any member of their church staff.


Inside Job: Large Church HR Directors Offer Unique Perspective on Their Work

The Economic Outlook of Very Large Churches: Trends Driving the Budgets and Staffing Activities of North America’s Biggest Congregations

This report, published February, 2013, contains new research from our Fall 2012 Economic Outlook Survey, as well as previously unreleased information from our 2012 Salary Survey.

2012 Large Church Salary Report Research Trends from Leadership Network

An insider’s look at the salary trends from 209 “game changer” churches across North America. Most are influential, many on a national scale. The vast majority are also innovation leaders in one or more areas of their ministry. This report is based on data collected from the Leadership Network 2012 Salary Survey – Senior Positions in Very Large Churches.

2010 Large Church Salary and Benefits Report: An Illustrated Leadership Network Research Study

Our every-other-year salary survey profiles over 250 large churches (with an average weekend worship attendance of at least 1,000 adults and children) on compensation issues.

2010 Large Church Economic Outlook Report: North American Megachurches Are Holding Steady During the “Great Recession”

The second installment of the Leadership Network’s 2010 Large Church Salary Survey, this illustrated report highlights current trends and forecasts, all in light of the current economic downturn.

2010 Large Church Finances and Staffing Report: Comparing Church Finances by Geography and Gender

The third installment of the Leadership Network’s 2010 Large Church Salary Survey, this report drills down on several financial particulars such as changes by geography and gender.

Lean Staffing: Churches That Handle Staff Costs in Under 35% of Budget

Highlights from of a Leadership Network study of churches we describe as “lean staff” – where 35% or less of the total budget goes to staff costs.

2008 Leadership Network Salary and Economic Outlook Report

The 2008 update of our bi-annual salary survey.