Report on Asian American Churches

Of the 300,000 Protestant churches in the United States, an estimated 7,000 churches have a majority attendance of Asians. Many of these congregations reach multiple generations using multiple languages.

Through a partnership between Leadership Network and L2 Foundation, I’m delighted to announce the publication of Asian American Churches: An Introductory Survey! This introductory report provides an overview of the distinctive characteristics and top ministry issues among Asian American churches (including what’s going well, new ministry opportunities being pursued, and key challenges).

A couple of highlights from the churches surveyed:

  • Asian American churches are diversifying ethnically — 79% have at least 10% non-Asians in attendance
  • Active church planting to reach more people — 61% are planning to launch new churches
  • Missionary zeal is evident — 61% send out career missionaries

Download and read the full report. We’d love to get your feedback!

I’m guessing that many of the readers here do not have a majority attendance of Asians in your church, but I’m also hearing that megachurches are increasingly more multicultural, which would include more participation with Asians in that mix. While not resorting to stereotypes, a greater ethnic and cultural diversity changes the look and feel of a church, but should also how church is done. What have you noticed?