Leadership Network has a number of programs to multiply church innovation:


Do you know your church’s greatest need for acceleration? Through connections with innovative teams and exposure to breakthrough ideas, HUB is where church leaders go to get answers, leadership, and results.

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Leader Groups

Small groups of innovators and thought leaders pursuing a common ministry outcome, sharing ideas, developing strategy and benchmarking measurements in the context of authentic relationships. Leadership Network discovers emerging ministry initiatives and carefully invites strategic leaders into these communities of peers who are seeking to improve their personal and organizational performance in the focused outcome areas.

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Mentor Pastors Network

The Mentor Pastors Network is a program designed to bring senior pastors and their spouses together for a time of rest, relationship and renewal with God and their spouse. To accomplish this goal,  Leadership Network identifies, invites and equips Mentor Pastor Couples to join our Mentor Pastors Network.  TheseMentor Pastor Couples provide an annual regionally based retreat experience for 5-8 Senior Pastor Couples within their network of relationships.  The Mentor Pastor Couples come from a variety of ministry traditions and tribes but all have a passion for investing time, energy and relationship into the marriages of senior pastors.

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Large Church Sucession Planning

Succession planning no longer needs to be a hidden or last-minute discussion. The best transitions are prayed through, developed long-range and done in company with several key players. If you anticipate passing the leadership baton a few months to a few years from now, let us help you walk through the stages of preparation and transition — on May 3-4, 2016, in Houston.

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