Five New Reasons Why You DO Want to Launch that New Church or Campus

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By Warren Bird, Ph.D.

What did leaders from more than 1,500 new churches or multisite campuses tell us about what they’ve learned and experienced? “8 Launch Wins,” our newly released report gives you wisdom from comparing various approaches and circumstances. Here is the infographic from the richly illustrated report, which is a free download, available now. To download the full report, simply fill out the short form below.

The infographic highlights only a few of the main findings. Over a dozen additional illustrations look into issues that planning teams and launch teams want to know. For example:

  • Should we plant a new church or open a new multisite location?
  • Should we initially rent and be “portable” or should we immediately lease/buy something “permanent”?
  • How do we become more effective at making disciples of Jesus Christ, and not just at gathering a crowd?