now there’s Church on Facebook

Not to be confused with the book titled “The Church of Facebook” by Jesse Rice, as of this weekend, there will be two churches that are on Facebook, with their own Facebook apps, hosting worship services there — Flamingo Road Church and Northland Church. [links go to their Facebook apps]Flamingo Road Church Internet Campus on Facebook_1268252671423

 From Flamingo Road Church’s press release, “Church Streams Live on Facebook“, via Outreach Magazine:

Many churches do live Internet services, but Flamingo Road Church is taking it to a whole new level with a social network application. Flamingo Road Church is utilizing the Facebook platform, but took it a step further and developed the first live interactive service video streaming to connect with its guests. … Flamingo Road Church is one of the leading churches that offer an “Internet campus” to their guests. Virtual church attendees can observe live services and simultaneously interact with Brian Vasil, Internet campus pastor.

Northland on FacebookIn Northland’s press release today, “Florida Congregation Plants Church in the ‘Nation’ of Facebook: Northland brings live worship to the social networking site’s 400 million-plus residents“, they mention the new Facebook app that’s launching:

On Sunday morning, Northland, A Church Distributed will officially open the doors to its new Facebook app, which will allow worshipers to invite their Facebook friends to go to church with them—without leaving the familiar Facebook environment. Plus, even when live worship isn’t happening, the opportunity for worship is readily available because the previous week’s service will be posted and available for viewing 24 hours a day.

Good news for the Facebook residents! This does makes me wonder if there’s anything in the water there in Florida that’s fostering church innovations thousands of miles away from Silicon Valley …