News from #C4TK | Our First Code for the Kingdom Hackathon

At the time of this writing, day two of the Code for the Kingdom hackathon in San Francisco is coming to a close.  Individuals from around the world have descended on the downtown YetiZen space to tackle Kingdom challenges through technology.  The collaborative energy throughout the first two days has been incredible, and the stories of how some of the participants came to this event are simply inspiring.  For example, two participants came knocking on our door at 5 AM this morning after stumbling across the event on the internet while preparing to leave an all-night hack event down the street.  The best part: they had never met before.  Upon learning of our event, they somehow made the connection they were both believers, and decided on the spot to come together and see how they could pitch in.

The final list of projects is yet to be completed.  From a list of 11 challenges curated from the input of church leaders across the country, as well as close to 20 crowdsourced ideas from the participating technologists, teams began framing problems, brainstorming solutions, and developing tools such as prayer apps, Kingdom crowdsourcing platforms, Bible engagement and sharing tools, and resources to combat human trafficking.  While many participants have gone offsite to work and sleep, several teams remain in the space to continue their work late into the night.

As the final day of development approaches, teams are working feverishly to complete code, craft elegant user interfaces, and perfect their pitches for the judging and awards ceremony Sunday afternoon.  Could the next big Kingdom tool find its genesis here?