Multisite: The Next Decade

Multisite: The Next Decade

Just a little over ten years ago Leadership Network convened our first gathering of multisite churches and leaders and today we have directly served over 100 churches through our Leadership Communities and InnovationLabs.   Much has happened in the multisite movement since that initial meeting.    When we first gathered a decade ago, terminology such as campus pastor, original campus and central support systems, didn't exist.  Today these phrases and roles are a part of the common vernacular of the Church.  The conversations about physical property have expanded to include establishment of campuses online and thoughts about extending reach across town have grown to include across the country and literally around the world. 

So, what will the next 10 years bring?  That's a great question.  On June 11-12, Leadership Network convened some of the pioneers of the movement for a two day discussion and “ideas to implementation to impact” session.  


It was a gathering of the multisite master minds and a chance to explore the future.   And today, I am beginning a series of “behind the curtain” blog posts to share with you the some of the results of that time together.  Over the next several weeks, be looking for a series of posts focused on the following:

  1. What's at the Core?   An opportunity to hear several senior leaders share their reflections on what is the core that drives the high impact of their multisite strategy.
  2. Dumb Tax   Learn how to avoid paying it yourself through reading selected insights about the “things we didn't know when we started but we do know now … and how we figured them out.”
  3. Big Ideas     Listen in on the “God must show up for this to work” dreams and visions of the pioneers.
  4. The Particulars   Check out the latest learnings on topics such as mergers, succession, missional models, leadership development and rural campuses.

Each post will welcome your interaction through the comments section and should you want to follow the entire series at a glance, you can do so here

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