Multi-site Church Road Trip Contest Announced

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In the opening session of the Leadership Summit at Willow Creek on Thursday of last week, Bill Hybels spoke about Leading in the New Reality. He was talking about how the rogue waves of the economic downturn have changed the game for leading the church. In a similar vein, multi-site ministry has become a new reality, or as we propose in our upcoming book, A Multi-site Church Roadtrip, multi-site churches are becoming the new normal.

In an effort to adapt to the changing reality of economics, space, and atmosphere, multi-site ministry is becoming more and more prevalent.

  • On a typical Sunday in 2009, some 5 million people attend a multi-site church in the US and Canada.
  • Leaders at some 45,000 churches are “seriously considering adding a worship service at one or more new locations or campuses in the next 2 years.”
  • 37% of megachurches reported being multi-site in 2008, up dramatically from 27% in 2005

So multi-site is truly becoming the new normal. In A Multi-site Church Roadtrip, Geoff Surratt, Warren Bird and I take you on a guided tour of issues that arrive when doing multisite ministry and to 14 different multi-site churches where the lessons were learned. We also have a lot of fun as we visit these churches.

In keeping with that sense of fun, Zondervan is sponsoring a roadtrip contest. Here’s how it works:

1. Write how your church creatively uses multiple venues in 100 words or less AND/OR send a photograph of a humorous road sign. Feel free to also include an iTunes imix with your favorite 10 roadtrip songs.

2. Email your definition/photo to Zondervan at:

3. Include your name and mailing address.

4. The best entries will be posted on the Zondervan blog and the Multi-site Church Revolution blog and 50 select winners will receive a free advance copy of A Multi-site Church Roadtrip. Entries must be submitted by September 10th to qualify.

AND, you can also pre-order the book on Amazon by clicking here.

Greg Ligon

Leadership Network

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