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Shape your church culture to be internally strong & externally focused.

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It is one thing to talk about being the missional people of God, but it is quite another to be a people on mission, where every person inside your church is making an impact outside of your church. As you may have experienced, this shift is easier said than done. You may have asked yourself these questions.

  • How do we create a clear and contagious missional culture in our church?
  • How can we help our people discover and develop their missional callings?
  • What are keys to better engaging our entire church in living missionally every day?

At HUB Missional Engagement we will evaluate your current missions model, help you answer these questions, address your church's unique challenges and create a strategic plan to implement lasting change.

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Together let’s discover the best ways for your church to live out your missional calling inside and outside the church.

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