Meet Our Valued ENGAGE! Partners; Beltway Park and Others


Our ENGAGE! partners are churches that have decided to join us in our mission: to foster innovation movements that activate THE CHURCH to greater impact for the Glory of God’s name. Because they have found tremendous benefit in our service to them, these churches are helping us to serve others with programs designed to inspire, share innovations, increase effectiveness, and grow the Kingdom.

In this series we will highlight our churches that help make the work we do possible. These generous partner churches are vitally involved in the purpose and mission of Leadership Network. They believe in the work we do and their partnership helps to support our work for the Kingdom.  As ENGAGE! partners, they benefit by receiving admission to our programs, access to Leadership Network’s team of leaders including CEO Dave Travis, and other opportunities including reports, assessments and personalized coaching programs.


Beltway Park Church, Abilene, Texas
Beltway Park is a group of people helping each other take our next steps with Jesus. We realize that each person is in a different place in their spiritual journey. Our passion is to be a life-giving church where people can connect with Jesus and discover their next step with Him.
Senior Pastor: David McQueen
History: Beltway Park Baptist Church began as a vision of Pioneer Drive Baptist Church. The first congregants were mostly Pioneer Drive members who had volunteered to help start the new project to share God’s love with what was anticipated to be a growing population of people who lived in south Abilene. On August 11, 1985, a little over 300 people attended the first service. David McQueen began serving as Senior Pastor in 1998. Since then the church has grown from about 350 to over 4,500 people on two campuses.
Weekend Worship Attendance: 4811


CedarCreek Church, Perrysburg, Ohio
Transformed Individuals Transform Communities. Our dream is to see our communities completely transformed. We believe that happens one individual at a time. When an individual is transformed, they can’t help but make a positive and lasting impact in their community. When you allow God to transform you, it will transform the people around you.
Senior Pastor: Ben Snyder
History: In June of 1994 Lee Powell attended a church leadership conference at Willow Creek Community church in South Barrington, Illinois where he heard Willow Creek Founder-&-Pastor Bill Hybels talk about the local church being the hope of the world. Later that night, Lee gathered with four others who were attending the conference with him to talk about the possibilities for a church like that in the greater Toledo area. Later that year twenty-five people came together to form the core of what is now known as CedarCreek Church. In a small back room of a Chinese restaurant they committed to do whatever it took to see this mission become a reality. Nine months later, CedarCreek launched its first public service on October 8, 1995 at the Holiday Inn French Quarter in Perrysburg, Ohio with 180 people in attendance. In March of 2014 Lee Powell was diagnosed with  Parkinson’s Disease and thus resigned in the fall of 2015. Ben Snyder, a fourteen year staff member and the churches first intern (an internship inspired by Leadership Network), became the Lead Pastor. Currently the church has 5 locations with over 8,300 in attendance.
Weekend Worship Attendance: 8,350

Christ Fellowship, McKinney, Texas
Our vision is to fuel a movement of multiplying churches, to reach unreached people with the life saving gospel of Jesus Christ.
Senior Pastor: Bruce Miller
History: In 1995, Bruce Miller and his wife Tamara began with a vision for starting a church in McKinney. Bruce and a faithful team of seven leaders moved forward to plan the future along with a core group that grew to fifty families. They met as small groups in homes for one year beginning in April of 1996. They fasted and prayed. They prayed through each page of the local phone book for every family. Christ Fellowship (then McKinney Fellowship) held its first public service on March 16, 1997. In 2010, the name was changed from McKinney Fellowship to Christ Fellowship. The staff has grown from the seven early pioneers to a multi-pastoral/support staff and a faithful servant-volunteer team that numbers over 350 people.
Weekend Worship Attendence: 2000

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