Leader Groups






LEADER GROUPS help church leaders achieve twice the results in half the time. Peer groups of 10-12 pastors are formed to help dream, create and execute ideas into real action and tangible results.


LEADER GROUPS consist of relational peer networks of pastors that share similar ministry challenges and desire connections to others serving in similar ministry roles.

LEADER GROUPS meet every six months for two years. Mentor Pastors host our meetings at their churches which are located throughout the U.S. Group size is limited to 10-12 pastors. Applicants must meet our qualifying criteria and complete an application and phone interview before being considered for inclusion in the group.

Leader Group-Next Generation Pastors

Next Generation Pastors – Designed for Lead Pastors age 25-42, leading a church of 1,000+ weekly worship attendance. These pastors are life-long learners desiring mentoring from more seasoned Senior Pastors and senior executive level leaders as they work through leadership challenges in the early stages of their Senior Pastor ministry careers.

Leader Group-Executive Pastors

Executive Pastors – Designed for Executive Pastors leading in a church of 1,000+ weekly worship attendance. These pastors have executive leadership responsibilities in helping shape and multiply the vision of the church. They lead ministry teams, operations, campus networks or other major ministry areas. Their focus is in helping develop and execute next steps in leading forward the increasingly complex organization known as the church.



  • $6000 US if paid in two budget years / C$6000 if paid in two budget years for Canadian Churches
  • (If payment is made in full at time of registration, there is a 10% discount)

This fee covers your portion of the program fees and meals for the two-year experience. The remainder of your fee is paid by our generous donors at Leadership Network.

This fee does NOT cover your travel, hotel, transportation and other travel-related expenses for each meeting.

LEADER GROUP Applications for an Interview: 

If you would like to fill out an application and request an interview for the LG-Next Generation Pastorsclick here.

If you would like to fill out an application and request an interview for the LG-Executive Pastors, click here.

Contact us to discuss the details: 

Next Generation Pastors Director – Jeff Kossack – jeff.kossack@leadnet.org

Next Generation Pastors Program Coordinator – Cindi Haworth – cindi.haworth@leadnet.org

Executive Pastors Director – Darren Young – Darren.Young@leadnet.org

Executive Pastors Program Coordinator – Katie Splinter – katie.splinter@leadnet.org

LEADER GROUPS DIRECTOR – Linda Stanley – linda.stanley@leadnet.org