holding church services on the internet

Brandon Buckner, the Director of the Internet Campus at McLean Bible Church, had his article, “Redeeming the Internet,” published in Collide Magazine, on the occasion of the internet campus’ 2nd anniversary. Brandonb In the article, Brandon Donaldson (LifeChurch.tv) and DJ Chuang (Leadership Network) were quoted. Here’s an excerpt:

Perhaps in its simplest form, online church is defined as a virtual expression of a physical worship service. … the ascension of online church was inevitable, and it’s likely the number of online churchgoers will multiply for years to come. We’ve seen this firsthand at McLean Bible Church. In two short years, our Internet Campus has grown in attendance from 10 to 3,000.

“I think online churches are here to stay,” Chuang said. “They are a viable strategy for outreach, forming community, and building relationships, in the fellowship sense as well as the discipleship sense.”

… Brandon Donaldson of LifeChurch.tv holds the distinction of being the world’s first online church pastor, and he also holds a strong conviction about the effectiveness of online church. “The Church is all about people,” Donaldson said. “The Internet is just some tool we created, and I think all churches should use it.”

“You can’t do everything online,” he continued, “but you also can’t do everything in a church building. …”

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