How to Reach More Hispanics in Your Community


Would you like help reaching Hispanics/Latinos in your community? This resource kit comes from a Leadership Network-sponsored briefing on how to enlarge your church’s effectiveness in reaching and serving Hispanics in your area.  It’s a highly practical program that features a mix of presentations by front-line Hispanic pastors, Q&A with them, and factoids on Hispanic demographics.

The trigger behind this kit is a Leadership Network forum for Hispanic pastors of very large bilingual churches. Their focus was on how they’re reaching the growing demographic of Hispanics who prefer English. Many non-Hispanic pastors wanted to come, observe and learn from those leaders. In response, we asked several of those pastors to do this briefing, offering their advice to non-Hispanic leaders. Plus we invited the pastor of a large Hispanic ministry within an even larger English-language megachurch to share his advice. Most of the videos in this kit were recorded at our live event.

What this kit can do for you:

• Give your church practical ideas drawn from leading pastors, especially those reaching Hispanics who prefer English.

• Provide good advice on what NOT to do and mistakes commonly made.

• Identify tools to analyze your community and understand needs your church can meet.

• Help you better reach, evangelize and disciple the Hispanics/Latinos in your community.

The kit is helpful at every level of leadership, whatever your role in church (volunteer or staff). It’s also a good resource and whether you’re just starting Hispanic ministry or your church is multiethnic already.

All presenters communicate in English (and one is translated into English).


Program Book: Reaching Hispanics in Your Community (PDF)

Session 1:

Hispanic/Latino USA: How the Country Is Changing, by Leadership Network CEO Dave Travis (narrated PowerPoint)

Session 2:

Models for Multilingual, Multigenerational Hispanic Congregations, by Professor Daniel Rodriguez, author of A Future for the Latino Church, Professor of Religion and Hispanic Studies at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, and graduate Fuller Theological Seminary. He also serves on the board of directors for the NationalHispanic Christian Leadership Conference and on the steering committee for the Global Missions Conference of the Churches of Christ (video, including Q&A session)

Bonus: Interview with Professor Daniel Rodriguez, following up many of the practical examples found in his book A Future for the Latino Church. Apology: there is an annoying echo in Warren Bird’s questions, but all responses by Dr. Rodriguez are clear and without echo. (video)

Session 3:

What I Learned by Listening to Hispanic Pastors, by Leadership Network Research Director Warren Bird, Ph.D. (narrated PowerPoint)

Session 4:

Advice to Non-Hispanic Churches, by Pastor Choco “Jesus” De Wilfredo, Senior Pastor, New Life Covenant, Chicago, IL, one of the nation’s largest bilingual churches, 5 weekly English services, 2 weekly Spanish services, (video)

Session 5:

Case Study #1, by Steve Coronado, Senior Pastor, Solid Rock Church, Corpus Christi, TX, average weekly weekend worship attendance of 2200, founded in 1988, 7 weekly English services, 2 weekly bilingual services, (video, including Q&A session)

Session 6:

Case Study #2, by Roberto Tejada, Spanish-campus pastor, Karina Tejada, translator, “Centro de Vida Familiar Internacional,” as part of Life Center Church, Tacoma, WA, founded in 1915, Spanish-language services launched 1996, (video, including Q&A session)

Session 7:

Case Study #3,  by Jaime Loya, Senior Pastor, Valley Int’l Christian Church, San Benito, TX, average weekly weekend worship attendance of 1600, founded in 1995, 2 weekly English services, 1 weekly Spanish service, (video, including Q&A session)

Bonus help:

• A large collection of stats, trends, profiles of churches, relevant books, with new material regularly added (format: weblink)

• How to Effectively Reach More Hispanic Families, by Pastor Jaime Loya (format: Microsoft Word document)

The purchaser of this kit is welcome to use it for live teaching and group discussion with no restriction on the size of the group (examples: staff meetings, classes, sermons, etc.). The only restriction is that the content not be resold or republished (example: link in an ebook) without the specific written consent of Leadership Network,

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