Generosity Strategies & Tactics Podcast


Chris Willard, Director of Leadership Network’s Generosity initiatives, talks with pastors and leaders at the cutting edge of the generosity movement in today’s church. You’ll learn great ideas and proven strategies from leading churches who have figured out how to accelerate generosity, stewardship and giving. Listen to these lively discussions on how to develop effective strategies to create a culture of generosity in your church.

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  1. Inspiring Generosity Part 1: Chad Moore
  2. Inspiring Generosity Part 2: Ron Edmondson
  3. Myths About Millennials and Giving: Julie Bullock
  4. Giving Metrics that Tell a Church’s Generosity Story: David Thoroughman
  5. Keeping Your Generosity Campaign Alive: Phil Taylor
  6. Generosity in a Financially Challenged Church: Stacy Spencer
  7. Encouraging Women Toward a Life of Generosity: Sharla Langston
  8. Helping People Create a Healthy Relationship with Money: Brad Hewitt
  9. How to Start a Generosity and Stewardship Ministry at Your Church: Chris Goulard
  10. How to Communicate a Vision that Inspires Generosity: Tim Downs