Our Fees

About our fees

Our fees are one way we pay for our work with churches. The predominance of our support comes from donors, supporters and sponsors but without earned income from our clients we could not do our work.

Our policies for our face to face programs are:

1. Because we work with a very select group of leaders, we consider the fees paid as a promise to participate fully in the experiences we plan and organize. In many cases we ask churches to apply and make fee payments to secure their spot in a program.

2. Acceptance and approval of an application is a first step, the payment of fees by a church or leader confirms their participation in the program. With that, we hold your spot in the program and, unlike an airline, won’t bump you from the program for another church. At the same time, like an airline, in many cases that is a seat that we can’t sell to someone else. So your participation is expected from that point.

3. If you and your team back-out of your participation before 30 days before the launch of one of our programs, we will return your fees paid.

4. Because most of our programs are targeted to run a length over a year’s time, we don’t give refunds after you start the program to encourage you to stay with it.

5. Exception requests to all of the above need to be submitted in writing.

6. If we cancel any program before the experience begins we will refund 100% of the fees to the church or leader.

Online Event programs:

1. Fees are refundable only in the case of technical difficulty and by request made by the purchases with explanation. Sometimes these difficulties do occur and we refund the fee.

2. Otherwise since most of the programs are available for future use online we keep the fee and allow the user to enjoy the materials.