European Church Planting Models, part 1

[This post is from Brent Dolfo, Special Projects Director of Church Innovations at Leadership Network, and facilitates the European Church Planting Network (ECPN).]

Here are 2 church planting models being employed in Europe::

Typology: Attractional innovative church plants

Organization: Location-oriented model of church seeking to attract people on Sundays for weekly services, often combined with a small group system and ministries aimed at specific needs. Often very innovative styles of communication, the arts and music at a professional level.

Cultural responsiveness: Those who respond to this type of church are people with nominal church background looking for a new kind of church expression that can meet their felt needs.

Typology: Network church plants

Organization: Network churches have a mixed structure: they gather for services and equipping events and scatter for fellowship, discipleship and mission in mid-size groups (home churches). The primary place of belonging is the home church (midsize group of 25-50) most radical network churches will only gather
services once a month.

Cultural responsiveness: Those who respond to this type of church are often unchurched and suspicious about attractional church models. These people tend to respond to the gospel in an environment like a home church (midsize group 20-50) which has no feel of church but shows authentic Kingdom lifestyle qualities in relationships.

Tomorrow’s post will share about a 3rd church planting model, and provide a summary that anticipates the future direction of these churches and models.