Creating Missional Communities: A Free Webinar with JR Woodward


“The church cannot storm the gates of hell by gathering around consumer needs. A shared life and the shared story that Jesus is King are its rallying points.”

Missional and Community are two buzz words being used quite bit in Church world these days. But what do they really mean, and how do they work together? In our upcoming webinar, JR Woodward and I will tap into these ideas and discuss what he believes is the core of God’s purpose for the local church.

As a church planter, activist, author and missiologist, JR is dedicated to serving people who desire to plant the gospel, make disciples and start new churches. He is the National Director for Church Planting with V3, author of Creating A Missional Culture: Equipping the Church for the Sake of the World and co-author of The Church as Movement, which was recently released.

“Community is the container that carries God’s good news into the world, yet very few of us have experience with living into the shared life of community. So we have to learn about, experience and practice community. Disciples who covenant to a rule and rhythm of life cultivate a hospitable space for others to belong to and a platform for creating a missional-incarnational community. Community brings out of us new ways of relating to each other. Our beauty and brokenness converge as we seek to be the sent people of God together.”

 ~ JR Woodward/Dan White, Jr.
The Church as Movement

Join me at 2pm on February 16th as JR and I discuss the WHY and HOW of living on mission as the family of God. The event is free, but you will need to register at the link below.

Some key topics we’ll be discussing:

  • Ecclesial Architecture – Is your church designed to be missionally effective?
  • Community Formation – How do you bring people together for discipleship and mission?
  • Incarnational Practices – What are the best ways to be Jesus in your community?

We will also be responding to your questions toward the end of the talk, so bring the challenges you are currently facing and we’ll work through them together. You can submit these questions when you register (using the Questions & Comments field) or be ready to ask them during the live event.

Hope you can join us!