Behind the Scenes – Prayer for Haiti edition

A lot can change in an instant.

The news of the week is grim for our brothers and sisters around Port au Prince in Haiti. While encouraging to hear news of some projects outside the city in Haiti were unaffected by the earthquakes, they will be impacted as the infrastructure has radically changed in that country.

There was high loss of life and other casualties.

We are in the window when mass care operations are most needed. The best in class organizations such as World Vision, Compassion, Red Cross and many other good ones take the lead. The follow up rebuilding, longer term infrastructure and other projects will need sustained engagement that many churches will provide.

I know many of our client churches have projects in Haiti and have heard scattered reports of responses. I would be interested in learning IF your church has a long time partner or other project in Haiti. Please send that along to me via email here.

And let us pray for the pastors in Haiti that are serving their congregations and others during this time. Sadly, it has been reported that the Archbishop of Port au Prince died during the earthquake. Let us pray for all those that survived as well as those that are going into the area now to serve.


In other behind the scenes news since my last report:

+ Warren Birdour able research director, is on vacation this week. Last time he did that we made a lot of staff changes so I thought he had learned his lesson but he is very disciplined when taking vacation time. But he did drop me an email to say that the