Advance Articles That Reached The Top


People are often curious what articles from our newsletter Advance were most read. Here's the tally, in ranked order, from articles with great church resources to articles with helpful statistics and trends. See which articles made the top of our list in 2012. 

  1. An Inside Look at Large Church Salaries
  2. Senior Pastor Role Changes as Churches Grow
  3. Passing the Baton to the Next Generation
  4. Generosity Needs More than a Sermon
  5. Getting Unstuck: Financial Innovations
  6. Hybrid Model of Multisite and Church Planting
  7. Awe Inspiring: Innovative Leaders Encouraged by How God is Moving
  8. Churches Taking Back the Task of Theological Education
  9. Using Free Google Ads to Transform Internet Campus
  10. Church Capitalizing on Public Funds